Beaches Museum Chapel

Beaches Museum Chapel Wedding

Beaches Museum Chapel Wedding

We have moved the St. Paul’s By-the-Sea/Beaches Chapel, one of our Oldest Historical Structures on the Beaches, to the Beaches Museum. The chapel was moved on June 17, 2012.

The chapel is now available for events. We have had weddings and other meetings in the chapel. If you are interested in renting the chapel for a Jacksonville Beach Wedding, you may contact us for the full details.

The chapel has a rich story at the beaches. The location at the history park is its fourth location at the beaches, and its fourth “official” move. The chapel was moved twice while at its second home (once to turn it 90 degrees). The chapel started out at Second Avenue and Second Street South when it was built in 1887 in Pablo Beach (Jacksonville Beach now). In 1952, it was moved to 11th Avenue North and Fifth Street in Jacksonville Beach (previously Pablo Beach). In 1960, it was turned to face Patricia Lane. In 1970, the chapel was moved to 610 Florida Boulevard in Neptune Beach. Beaches Chapel built up around the small building, and finally the chapel was moved June 17, 2012 to the Beaches Museum.

Timeline Beaches Museum Chapel

St. Paul’s By-the-Sea/Beaches Chapel

  • 1886
    • No church at beaches
    • Episcopal services held at Murray Hall Hotel
    • Hotel guests & Pablo Beach residents raise $800
    • Architect Robert S. Schuyler contacts JJ Daniel, Pres of Atlantic RR to give land for building site
    • Additional $800 raised
  • 1887
    • St. Paul’s By-the-Sea dedicated So. Second St.
    • One of the oldest churches & one of the oldest buildings at the Beaches
    • A mission church (no regular priest of its own)
    • Vacant only two years: 1904, 1923 (excellent memories of 1923 period in Times Union article July 18, 1970)
  • 1925
    • Church services are provided year round; previously only in summer months
    • Church probably acquires it first own bell after year round services are offered; previously, probably used a bell from the railroad.
  • 1940
    • Church officially becomes a parish
  • 1952
    • Church building moved from Pablo Beach/Jacksonville Beach to North 11th Ave at 5th Street (a few years later turned to face Patricia Lane and enlarged by splitting in half and adding a 24 foot section in between)
  • 1967
    • New St. Paul’s By-the-Sea dedicated replacing use of the small chapel
  • 1952-1970
    • Somewhere between these times, the belltower was removed, believed to be damaged by fire.
  • 1970
    • 1887 Church moved for 3rd time after Vestry voted to give building to Central Christian Church at the Beaches for $1.00, and located it at Florida Boulevard at 5th Street, Neptune Beach
  • 1974
    • Name changed to Beaches Chapel
  • 2004
    • Letter including moving operations costs re BAHS
  • 2007
    • June 24 – Original bell used on this Sunday service after installation in the Memorial Garden. The bell had been in storage since the 1970s when the chapel was moved. Inside the bell, a casting date of May 10, ’01 is found.
  • 2012
    • June 17th – Chapel moved to Pablo History Park
    • July – Belltower Reconstruction begins
  • 2013
    • January – Belltower Reconstruction complete
    • Feb – Chapel repainted
    • April – Patio and Sod laid
    • October 20 – Official Inauguration Ceremony

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