Our Link Policy

Beaches Museum & History Park does not take requests to link to other websites.

Links to other websites are created as part of the process of developing our website, and are decided on as part of that process. Links to other websites are chosen when it is necessary to complete an operation, such as a link to an external map website. Beaches Museum & History Park does not place links to suppliers of content that could detract from visitors to our own website. Sometimes even when it might add to a story, we might not be able to link to an external website for various reasons. We link only to major websites, therefore a request to link to another website is unnecessary as we will have a link if it is needed and decided as part of our process.

Beaches Museum & History Park gets inundated with requests for links to other websites from a great variety of sources. Often they are close associates, or think that it would benefit our website to have a link to theirs. Generally, that thought is not based on how website ranking takes place. Some would like us to help promote their website. We wish you the best of luck, but we are not in that business. We get many requests from others wanting to “exchange” links, often with a reminder that having more links will enhance both of our search engine rankings. Several years ago, it was thought that reciprocal links would enhance the ranking of both websites. Along those same lines, groups agreed to link to each other to enhance all of their rankings. The search engines obviously can detect reciprocal links, and groups linking to each other (link farms). The search engines know that people are attempting to increase their rankings based on the links, not on their content. The search engines, can and actually do lower rankings of websites attempting to enhance their rankings in this manner. We therefore do not participate in reciprocal linking. We link only when it is necessary.

Maintenance of our website is an important factor, and links to external websites constantly have to be monitored. External websites often cease, and the domain name can be registered by someone else, and in many cases, for having content that is far from what we would ever want to be associated with. The horror stores are some of the most embarrassing situations a reputable organization could be in. Requests to have us link to another website never come with any assurance of how long the other website will exist, what it will contain, when it will be updated, what that website links to externally itself, their investment in protecting their website from hackers, what tools they used to create the website, what types of software packages they will install on their website (some less secure than others), or most importantly, any financial protection to our organization should there ever be any mishap, or end to their website. In short, there are no guarantees. Therefore, we link only to websites we know about as common or major websites that we would be fully aware of should there ever be a major change.

Due the nature of the Internet and how other websites are created, maintained, or operated, we cannot link to associates, members, sponsors, board members, or friends that we know and care about in other ways. While you may be a great personal friend or other, we do not wish to get involved with your business on the Internet.

Examples of websites we do not link to:

  • Personal websites
  • Social websites
  • Websites hosted on free hosting services websites
  • Suppliers of products, supplies, gifts or donations
  • Websites requesting reciprocal links or exchange links
  • Websites that are not major websites
  • Sponsors of our programs (we recognize sponsors in many other ways)

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